How to Protect your Financial Institution in a World with Too Much Data

The Data is Out There …. Somewhere

It is mind boggling to consider the amount of data added to the Internet on a daily basis. The numbers are larger than many of us even know how to pronounce. On an average day the Internet sees over 60,000 Google searches per second. Per Second. Billions of Internet users upload data to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In; they send emails, they create new websites, they write new blogs, they share stolen data… Yes, they share stolen data.

Not to jump on the Equifax bandwagon, but it often takes something major to jar us into reality. A huge company with plenty of resources for security was hacked. Many of us are at risk of identity theft because of it. If it can happen to Equifax; it can happen to your financial institution.

I am sure you are already monitoring the web for mentions of your brand, however, that Google Alert your compliance team has running is not enough. There are so many points of entry in the public realm these days: social media, a blog, a review, a complaint. You have to be listening everywhere, and you have to be prepared to deal with what you may find. The worst thing that can happen is that you are the last one to find out that your data leaked.

Social IQ provides an all-encompassing resource for collecting data associated with your financial institution. As we find items referencing you, we will deliver them to you in real time so you can decide what to do next in that moment, not when it is too late.

Earlier this year we found a Google+ post for one of our clients that mentioned names, addresses, and credit card information. By finding this post, the client was able to quickly remove the data from the web and contact the customers to remediate the issue.

It is important to incessantly and diligently maintain awareness of mentions of your brand across the entire web. It may seem like a waste of time when months go by and you don’t find any data. But believe me, it is in the best interest of your financial institution and your clientele to be looking for this information so you can quickly react to any issues.

You protect the data within your walls; we keep an eye on anything that may slip out.

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