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Social Media Management and Compliance for Financial Institutions

Why Social IQ?


The entire Social IQ team has extensive backgrounds in both financial services as well as social media management. Our team is here to help you be successful.

Cost Effective

Social IQ automates many of the challenges that you face allowing you to spend your time doing other things to make your institution more efficient.

Archiving and Monitoring

Social IQ constantly archives and monitors all of the relevant information about your institution. Data is stored permanently so that you can always be assured that you can produce reports for management, the board, or auditors/regulators.

Easy to Use

Social IQ is designed specifically for financial institutions. We cater to the specific wants and needs of the financial industry.


With Social IQ there is no additional hardware or software for you to purchase, manage and maintain. Social IQ is delivered as a Software as a Service solution which means that you can access from anywhere on any internet enabled device.

Actively manage your social presence. Respond when necessary, or simply track for auditing purposes any interactions that may be important for your management, board, auditors or regulators.

Every interaction, whether on social media, or found on an internet site is archived in perpetuity. You have complete access to all data which may be relevant for you forever.

Social IQ has robust reporting allowing you to not only report on social media activity, but, also on your brand reputation.

Continuously search both social media sites and the internet for any mention of your institution which may be relevant.

Automate and track the workflow on items discovered or managed by Social IQ.


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